Bought Russell Day Long, leather covered in Feb '02 when bike had 67 k miles, now have 144 k miles and love the seat. Think it was $500.

Had a Corbin, vinyl covered before and the vertical sides would "crinkle" as I hit bumps resulting in much discomfort in around an hour. I tried bike shorts under my jeans, etc. I hated it because the seat hurt in about 1 hour.

Now the leather edges don't bother me as I ride and ride and ride. If I park and think its going to rain, I flip the cover on the seat or ride with the seat covered if it is raining. The bike is stored inside my garage, no cover needed there.

Now with many miles the seat's leather got thin near the tank at the edge of the seat. Well, a bead of "Shoe Goo" sticks to the leather, matches the black color and protects the thinner leather before it wore through.

Hope this helps.