I have a 1988 R100GS with a Corbin Solo seat and am looking to upgrade.

I am a big guy. 6' 5" 280bls. I have tried Airhawk, beads, sheepskin, gel and every combination of all of these and can not make my seat comfortable. I do like the Beadrider for the airflow and that is why the Kontour is on the short list. Can anybody speak to the airflow on the Kontour vs a bead seat???

The wide stance of both of these seats really seem to be what I need... But think that air would be important too. Russell doesn't sound like they like to push the velour they sell but hasn't bothered to find a better cloth material.

Russell says that they can work with my Corbin seat pan where as Kontour will not. In that case. Does anybody have an OEM Solo Seat for my GS? Cheap?? Can't see spending another $300 + on an original seat that I am going to spend... $600 - $700.

Yes. I know that I need to loose weight. But I will never be a little guy or anywhere near the sub 200lbs that bikes and their seats are made for.

Help!! I really can't afford this so I want to make sure I do it right.