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Thread: Believe it or not but I got my bike back today! 2005 gs

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    Believe it or not but I got my bike back today! 2005 gs

    I picked up my bike today from Bloodworth after they have had it for 4 months replacing a counterbalance shaft seal. Well I actually picked it up Tuesday and rode it for 20 miles before the front counterbalance shaft bearing went out. So I drove it back to Bloodworth Wednesday morning and to their credit they started work on it immediately and confirmed the bad bearing. I emailed Anthony with BMW NA that night suggesting what needed to be done. Thursday at 8:37am I received and email back saying that Bruce the Regional Service Rep would be contacting Bloodworth. Bloodworth called me at 10:30am saying that they would be breaking the bike in half again. I have to give Bloodworth credit, especially the service writer Johnny and the chief tech Jessie(I think) for jumping right on it and completing it in 7 hours. So I picked the bike up this afternoon and drove it 200 miles back to Memphis with no problems.

    Before I left Wednesday I apologized to Dave Bloodworth for being short tempered when I dropped the bike off 4 months ago. They were short staffed and did not have a service writer, but still 4 months seams excessively long.

    I want to thank Anthony with BMW NA for helping out and for contacting Bruce the Regional Service Rep, thanks to Bruce also approving the repairs.

    On the negative side my bike has been broken in half SEVEN TIMES for leaking engine and transmission seals and has been in the shop for a total of 11 months for the same problems. BMW NA has covered all the repairs under factory or the 2 year parts and labor warranty for which I am thankful. The total repair cost would have been $11,000-$15,000.

    Also I still have my electrical problems for which Bloodworth will charge me over $2,000 to diagnose and repair. I believe it is related to the bike being broken in half so many times. I am going to try and do it myself, with your help of course.

    I think it is safe to say I have a "lemon" bike and would appreciate any help forwarding this request to BMW NA.
    Thanks for reading and responding to all my problems.

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    Great news you got her back! bad story that I hope I never have to encure.. Good luck in finding the last of the problems, I wish I knew more and I could offer my help...

    good Luck.

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    Unhappy Thanks rrookey

    On the way home from Nashville I ran it hard. Felt good to run through the gears. I have been riding my wifes F650 single and it is a great bike but I love the boxer engine.

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