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Thread: New rider and member from Cali

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    New rider and member from Cali

    Well, I've been riding for a few months now and I quickly graduated up to a 2006 R1200RT.

    I'm very happy with the bike except for a few issues with the brakes and suspension I hope to work out on my own.

    So far I've changed the oil, trans and FD with the help of the that maintenance video. I had the brakes bled and valves adjusted by a shop as I wasn't quite ready for it on my own.

    I've really fallen in love with BMWs and my next bike will probably be an airhead. So hello!

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    Hello to you! Welcome to the forum...and BMW! It looks like you've found the tech forum and hopefully you can get those brake problems sorted out.

    Keep us Airheads in the loop when you start looking for that next bike.
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    Welcome to BMW's and the forum! I bought my first (a 2007 R1200RT) about 6 months ago, and was in love with it before I got it home from the store the day I bought it. I live in the Sacramento area...what part of Cali do you hail from?

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    Howdy! Welcome to the forum!

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