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From the voice of experience: I thought I'd made a real find when a few yrs back the Die Hard was on sale @ Kmart & tried 2. Well they are crap & don't charge properly-dried out my pricey trolling battery as did a cheapo Wally World trickle charger before that.
Battery Tender call them as I did last Friday, r.e. my 9-10 yr old unit. Sales mgr,John says it will be $12-45 for another depending on repair needed. Thats cheaper than a new one & back in warranty too. I also sent him 2 ea. $125 waterproof Tenders that had quit. He said they are non repairable & when I quized him as to why the shorter warranty compared to much longer on the cheaper unit he said it was based on them being non repairable as permanently sealed. Told me to send them back even though out of warranty & I'd get new ones for a $30 per unit warranty exchange fee. Not such hard people to work with.
Wow, I am impressed. My comments were based upon the many reviews that I had gone over during my charger search. People complained that it cost as much to exercise the warranty as to purchase a new charger. I guess that is what happens when you buy the entry level product.

You know, it is great to hear about good customer service for a change. Like my local BMW dealer offering to re-key my top case for free. Sometimes it does not take much to make a customer happy.