Honestly, by the time you have the jacket etc that you really like, you should own 3-6 different brands and types, or at gone through that many. Over the years I have built quite the collection of jackets, gloves, helmets, socks, heated gear....you name it. All in search of that ONE thing that will fit all of my requirements. Well, that's difficult if not downright impossible. The fleamarket and ebay are great places to shop and if need be, just re-submit an ad and sell them again. Personally, I like my Darian top and bottoms for winter. Summer I like my BMW airflow 3 jacket and olympia mash pants. Spring and fall I like either the Darian(3of them) jackets or my BMW Rally 2 pro or the Savanna. Lets not even talk gloves or socks or heated gear or even helmets. I think I have 6 of those. Now that I have really confused things, welcome to motorcycling! It sure is a hoot though, and then where to put it all.