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Thread: Props to Olympia MotoSports!!!

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    Props to Olympia MotoSports!!!

    Last year at the Bloomsburg rally I bought an Olympia touring jacket from BMW of Countryside. LOVE the jacket. Excellent 3 season capability and head and shoulders above my old Field Sheer.

    About a month ago, the zipper on the windbreaker liner started to come apart. It still works but won't for long.

    I went to Olympia's website and emailed them. While I could have a local seamstress sew a new zipper in it, the OE zipper has a nice aircover to prevent flow. I explained that to the guys at Olympia and within an hour had an email back from them that while my jacket was out of warranty, they'd either repair it there if I wanted to send it to them or they'd send me a zipper and up to $30 to have a local seamstress repair it. I said I'd rather have it done here as the turn around would be shorter than the 3-4 weeks Olympia said it might be.

    No problems! We'll send a zipper and a check for $30.

    I don't know about you, but THAT is Customer Service!!

    I can't imagine that the labor for the zipper will be $30 and I fully intend to return the balance.
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    They sent me free zipper's for my liners on my pants that were three years old. Very good people to deal with.
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    Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just bump this one. I recently bought a pair of Recon Air 3 pants for summer riding. In my case the metal zipper pull on the lower legs hit against my leg. I contacted Olympia and quickly came to a modification that could be done locally. Like the OP, my repair was covered in full. Olympia said that my complaint was unique to their product but they were still willing to do what was necessary to make it work for me. Good folks. Excellent customer service.
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    It sounds like great customer service. Zippers - not so much.
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    A riding buddy of mine hit a deer on his new '13 R1200GS (W), may be the first crash of a new wethead in the States, not sure. Anyway, his Olympia gear did the job, and even though he had a broken collar bone and 4 broken ribs, not a scratch or abrasion. He contacted Olympia about the gear, as it seemed ok. They suggested the padding could be compromised as well as internal stitching, so gave him a discount on replacement. They asked that he not spread the word, but it seems to me they are more interested in his safety than overall profit. Rare in today's business climate.

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