I everyone,

I bought a damaged 2010 RT that had been dropped on its right side. The face of the cylinder head had been scuffed during the fall so it was replaced with a used unit. The bike has covered 7K and the engineer who fitted the new head felt it had covered less than 7K miles due to the condition of the valves. I checked with the dealer and they confirmed the head was correct [part numbers also matched] and the valves were the same for RT's GS's etc.

I never rode the bike prior to the repair once the new head was fitted and again before riding I fitted a Remus end can and performance air filter.

Now the bike struggles to pick the revs up from 3-4K and from 5- up to the redline? This is my third RT although first twin cam. I am familiar with basic servicing and have balanced the throttle bodies several times, each time there being a good balance at 3K but everytime I test ride flat spots at the rev ranges above.

Idle is fine. A check on the plugs shows its not overfueling, if anything it appears quite lean [however I did clean the plugs thoroughly and they were quite clean to start with]. I have checked all coils and have a good spark.

Any ideas or is it 150 round trip to the dealer?