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Thread: 1990 k1 bike ?

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    ABS Switch

    A question was asked about the ABS switch on the dash pad of the K1. I've never owned a K1, but assume it's the same as was used on the K100s and K1100s. In that case, the switch DOES NOT turn off the ABS system. Word is the lawyers would not allow that.
    When ABS defaults, or doesn't engage on take off, the ABS lights in the instrument pod will flash in warning. All that the switch does is stop the flashing. It has no effect on the functioning of the ABS itself. From memory, I believe one of the ABS lights stays lit. After some time/distance, the lights return to flashing mode.
    It appears that with this Gen 1 ABS system, BMW was planning for a fair amount of defaults.

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    And I believe it is a momentary switch that only turns off the light for 10 minutes at a time. The idea is to get rid of the very distracting light if you were driving at night, but not let you forget that it was not working. Hopefully the trip home at night would be a short one because resetting the light every 10 minutes would be a PITA.


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    Quote Originally Posted by z3beemer View Post
    I just bought a 91 K-1 (black) At one time I had a 91K100rs but I have a few question if anyone can answer for me. How many K-1's were made in 91? What is the ABS switch for on the left side of the faring; why are there 2 emergency flasher buttons; can the compartment keys be keyed alike...I didn't see a way to remove the tumblers to the compartment in the faring on the right side; any idea where I can get an owners manual. I'm told they are no longer available form BMW.
    Thanks for any info you can share.

    The second hazard switch is, or was, probably used for an accesory. The compartment locks were originally keyed alike and matched the ignition key. These locks are identical to the seat locks on Airheads. They can be coded, but it's a real pain for the amateur. Find a real locksmith; he or she will code them far easier than we ever could.

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