I've just purchased a 16'x8' enclosed cargo trailer. One of the uses I've envisioned for this trailer is hauling one of my bikes around - most likely the GSA.

I'm not the first person to use an enclosed cargo trailer to haul a bike around, so I'm wondering what others have used to secure the bike inside the trailer.

I think I'll need some sort of front wheel chock. A removable device is preferred, as I'd like to not have a wheel chock permanently embedded in the floor of my cargo trailer. It appears that you can spend whatever amount of money you'd like on a front wheel chock - I've seen prices between $60 and $300.

I know I'll need tie-downs - but has anyone come across recessed tie-down eyes? Again, I'd like to not have hardware protruding from the floor of the trailer if I'm not using to transport the bike. I presume I'll need to reinforce the floor under the wheel chock and tie down eyes - perhaps with a 2nd sheet of plywood or a metal plate under the trailer.

How have you customized your cargo trailer to haul your bike(s)?