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Somebodies got to say it: build one yourself! I'm a build it yourself guy so easy for me to say this. You can make it much cheaper than those sell for & to your own size(unless codes are an issue). I'd want a concrete floor & the rest is easy too. Once the floor's cured, it's a one weekend deal. If you don't know how find a friend/s that has the skills. I didn't spend that much for my 24x36 storage bldg & I bought ready mix,trusses,shingles & 4x6 treated poles-rest from own sawmill .
When I lived in Lynchburg, Va, I decided to build a 8 X 16 building for my equipment. I priced the materials and found out the Mennonite folks could deliver me one for about the price of materials. The normal ones had a door in the front and a window in the back. Rather than that, I had them put a door in both ends. I could get stuff in and out without taking a bunch of stuff out. It worked great. I ordered it on Tuesday and it was ready for delivery on Friday. Great job at a great price.