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Thread: AT&T Smart Phones and GS 911

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    AT&T Smart Phones and GS 911

    I have a GS 911 bluetooth model that I have been using with an HTC Aria
    Smartphone with AT&T as my provider. I had an awful time getting the GS 911 application on my phone because they won't let you download third party apps, but eventually found a way around it. I'm now looking at upgrading to a newer android and was wondering if there is anyone out there that has a GS 911 app downloaded on their newer AT&T android? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    I have the AT&T Galaxy S2 Android phone. It has an option in "Settings-Security" to allow non-Market apps, so I believe the GS911 software should work. I cannot verify this as I did not have, or anticipate getting, a smartphone when I purchased my GS911, so it is not a Bluetooth model.

    I really wish the Hexcode folks would create a USB version of their Android software, but I don't suppose there is any incentive for them to do so.


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