Well, Sunday was my 52nd birthday, and when asked what I wanted I said just to be left alone to work on my bike that day.

So I embarked on my first ever valve adjustment of my (new to me) 94 R1100RS.

I read every article I could find and watched all of the videos on youtube. Two strokes are my thing, but a monkey can work on a 2 stroke. I felt I had the mechanical ability to do this project with no problem and thanks to all of the excellent information out there it went without a hitch (almost).

I figured since I would have the bike apart might as well do the oil change and new plugs so I would know exactly what is in there.

Anyway, finish the project and feel pretty good about everything. Actually, I had a blast....felt like I really accomplished something. First time ever getting into a 4 stroke engine. Felt so good about it that I'm going to try to adjust the valves on my air-cooled Ducati.

I had changed the oil on my short-lived 1100RT so I know the procedure and what to watch out for as far as over-filling goes. Even let the bike sit for hours to check the level. Had it perfectly on the dot and then let it sit overnight just to verify. Next morning...perfect. Bike runs like a champ.

Now here is the issue. I've been riding for 3 days to work. Last night I center-stand the bike just for another double check and the oil level is full in the glass. WTH?! Sat overnight...this morning, I can just barely see a line at the very top of the glass. So now I'm completely paranoid to the point that I'm ready to pull it into the warehouse where I work and drain out a little oil.

What the heck is going on and should I be so paranoid?

On another note, it was thanks to the comments that I have read here that gave me the confidence to do this project and the excellent tutorials available. So thanks to all of you.