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Thread: Helmets...and WIND NOISE!

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    I did not think it was possible. Normally I get quie a bit of noise using my Shoei Neotec and custom plugs, but less than older helmets by a lot.

    Then, riding in the hills in northern PA on US 15, I was in a notch, 70Mph, and silence!

    Did not last long but the noise must come from side wind direction. Interesting experience for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    If I pop open the chin vent on Schuberth Concept the wind noise makes a flying leap-even with ear plugs
    Yes, and this is something making the 1970s comparisons apples/oranges.

    There were no helmet ventilation features on '70s helmets.
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    I wore half helmets for a while, with noise isolating (rubber bulb) earbuds. Wind noise, to include noise transmitted through the earbud cord and through the earbuds, was brutal, and likely contributed to marked decline of mid range hearing in my left ear. I can't really tell it, but when I was tested it was a big deal to them. So I (for reasons including but not limited to noise) started wearing sensible helmets, earplugs, and over-the-ear earphones. I'm about to switch back to noise isolating earbuds without plugs, as I think the half helmets and exposed wires were the problem moreso than anything else. My shoei full is much quieter in very windy conditions (cross/head winds). In moderate conditions, there's little difference between it and my nolan modular.
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    The Shoei video here shows how to adjust the shield to eliminate wind noise.
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