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Thread: Choices

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    I had a GS-non-A and the main reason I chose it was ergonomics. I'm a tall strapping lad so it was a better fit than EVERYTHING else in the BMW line including the Adventure because I didn't like the extra height/weight. Getting off-pavement was merely icing, but I'd done that some on the R100R (pretty bike with street-tires!) I'd had before the GS anyway.

    After a two-year hiatus from motorbikes I'm thinking about getting back on in the not-too-distant future, and another GS is the only bike I dream about.
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    Update and a few more questions

    Wow, interesting afternoon. It was a great day so I took the chance to ride the GSA and a new Yamaha Super Tenere.

    First, a little more background. I am 5-11 and have about a 32 inch inseam. Riding the GSA today I get the point many of you made re the wind protection. I am sure that a GS(A) will lengthen my riding season. Most of my riding will be local with a mix of in town and highway. Might be an occasional long trip thrown in.

    So, I rode the GSA. I could really love this bike... if it were an inch (half an inch?) shorter. It has a Corbin seat and we lowered it as far as it would go... and I can't quite flat-foot it. It was fine but I worry just a little if I will get comfortable with it.

    The bike is a 2009 in pretty nice shape (37000 miles) with some nice extras. Since the current owner is quite a bit bigger than me, (maybe 30 or 40 lbs) can I expect that the bike will sit a little lower once I get the suspension set to my liking?

    I also see some talk about Hyper Pro lowering kits. Is there a consensus on these? Do they work? Do they lead to other problems?

    My last two bikes were Yamahas. After reading the reviews I was ready to spend the same money and get a NEW Yamaha. After I got off the GSA, I rode the Tenere, it was fine, and I crossed it off my list. Wind protection was nowhere near the GSA and the engine seemed quite a bit more "buzzy". different class of machine.

    Am I right that there was another significant upgrade in engine in 2010?

    All thoughts are welcome.


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    Hi Tim:

    Sounds like you are hooked on the GSA. Just some ideas.. You might find that the height problem is the Corbin seat. Generally speaking anyone with a 32" inseam has no problem with the height of the bike. I am 5'11" like you, but with a 29" inseam that makes riding the GSA a bit of a challenge (I am on tip-toes at stops with both feet down), but workable by simply sliding off to one side or the other at stops. A different seat may totally change the feel for you. You will notice that some seats are a bit wide at the front which makes for a wide step angle when you put your leg down. Narrower fronts on seats help a lot to solve this.

    Lowering the suspension is a possibility, but why defeat the whole purpose of the bike to begin with? Many riders are not comfortable initially with very tall bikes, but get used to them with a little bit of practice. The biggest trick is to decide where you will put you foot down before you make a stop. One other suggestion that helps with the tippy feel is to use only the rear brake below about 5-10 mph when stopping and when maneuvering around parking lots. Any deflection of the handlebars when you touch the front brake is going to cause the bike to pull hard in the direction the bars are turned and lead to a drop, so only touch the front brake in these situations with the bars squared up and front tire straight ahead.

    The GSA you are looking at has the "Hexhead" engine, and the 2010 up models have the "Camhead" or overhead cam engine which gives a bit better breathing to the engine, thus a slightly better feel to the torque end of things. Either engine is great, so do not stress over that difference.

    If you like the bike and it is a good deal, go for it
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    Well, it's mine..ok, it will be tomorrow.

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