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Thread: Sun in your eyes

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    I put on sunglasses then put the Schuberth's sliding shade down HALFway and look under it. The shade acts like a visor. Tape probalby works better.

    BTW blue painter's tape is removable for only a week or two. For permanent, 3M makes high quality light-blocking tapes used in photography, graphic design, lithography, industrial applications, etc. Ask someone works in a sign or graphics shop to snag you a foot or two. Aluminum tape used to seal HVAC ductwork is a favorite of photographers for homemade gobos and snoots (shields to modify the field of illumination and control spillover from a strobe). Black gaffer's tape works too; be forewarned, though--if you need to move or remove either or those, you'll be buying a new visor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCKRIDER View Post
    The scariest moments of my ride back home (40 miles of a 335 ride) were riding into the setting sun.
    You ought to try coming in on final approach with the windscreen all wet and the sun low and right in line with the runway.

    Quote Originally Posted by BCKRIDER View Post
    Wished for my old Schuberth helmet with a sunscreen.
    All helmets should have that feature. Its the feature I missed the most after I sold my Schuberth Concept. I learned my lesson and bought another one.

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