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So are you going to test, clean unused oil or used oil from a bike? What everybody seems to worry about is the zinc/phosphorus level in the oils? Wear metals etc are kind of bike specific.
I'm only considering new oil. Testing used oil is something that individual owner's would do and each bike will contaminate oil differently. Often times, testing used oil is done for a fleet situation to perform maintenance at an optimum time.

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Something else to consider is that no doubt the company that does the testing keeps a data base. Is there a way, for a fee to do a search for the results from specific oils. It might save time & money.
Not sure something like that exists. What you'll probably find is some oils tested at one place and other oils tested at another place. I feel it's best to send oils to one place and get a snapshot in time.

I posted a link to a test performed by AMSOIL documented in 2009. They tested a wide range of factors, more than we would want to do. Probably cost them $25K to get all that done. They didn't test the kind of oils that I think we might be interested in.