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    intro and questions

    hello - a little introduction and some questions

    I have a wonderfully built frankenbike (no self flattery, one of my best friends built the bike) r65. It's an r65 with a 100gs motor, with a short geared 80 final drive.

    The bike has been in the family so to speak since 83, and I am now the second owner.

    I am trying to identify the fairing as my buddy doesn't remember where he got it, and I have confirmed it's not a rifle or a bcw. It really looks like, and I have heard of a bmw factory "s" screen for the 65. It fits a factory style mount, and has turn signal holes.

    It's made of fiberglass, and I can find no markings on it, without removal. Bottom line, I need a new screen for it. This was built as a second ride for his ex, and she dropped it in the driveway, cracking the screen.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    one more
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    It really looks like, and I have heard of a bmw factory "s" screen for the 65.
    As far as I know this is the only OEM fairing provided with the R65

    another angle

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    The OPs picture does look similar to the BMW OEM cockpit fairing option that was available, but it isn't quite it.

    You can go toan online parts fiche, like at Max BMW, and see the fiche part and part number - they are no longer available though and doing a search won't turn up parts that are NLA. It was offered in various body colors and had different part numbers based on paint. One of the numbers is 0546 63 1 240 823. But if you plunge into the R65 (up to 1985) parts fiche you can find it in there.

    We have a member on the forum who has one of these on his bike, but I cannot get a link to a picture of it.
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    Try Gustafasson Plastics. If anybody will recognize and make a screen for it, it's them.
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    methylene chloride will solvent bond the crack to get you through until a new one can be had. Cared needs to be taken to ensure it does not dribble where you don't want it. Best to do the repair with the cracked area perfectly horizontal and apply solvent with a syringe just enough to wet the surface.

    Tradeshow booth guys are really good at bonding plastics together cleanly or machine shops if they have had experience with them.
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