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Thread: Foot Peg Relocation

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    Foot Peg Relocation

    2004 R1150RS -

    Although I'm short, I have found that running the seat on the highest setting is the best way to all know the reasons, not-the-least-of-which is leg-room.

    On my previous R1100, I ran the Suburban Machinery peg kit, including the shifter arm.

    I have barbacks, and the seat was perfectly set up for my fat ass by Bill Mayer just before he went on to his "just reward".

    On the R1100, the SM peg kit gave a little interference with the center stand, which was a minor pain in the ass. That bike is gone and I now think I need to move the pegs for increased leg-room.

    Any suggestions? Anybody run the Suburban Machine stuff on the R1150RS? Bob's ad says they fit with the same interference as on the R1100RS.

    I called Suburban, butt they seem to be gone for a long weekend.

    Any recommendations (other than doing nothing at all)?

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    Several routes you can go, since I still have an R1100RS. I got a peg lowering kit from Creative Cycle Concepts made by Verholen. Looks like the stock thing and lowered my pegs about 1/2 inch and moved them forward about the same. I don't know if Wudo makes a peg lowering kit, you can check with San Jose BMW since I believe they are a Wudo carrier now.

    You can also go the SM route, but like your 1100RS you'll have the same problem with the center stand.

    You can also swap out an 1150GS pegs, but the down side is you have to get a shifter, brake mount and that adds up fairly quickly. I still think you'd have a similar problem with the center stand and basically would have to cut part of the center stand.

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    Put'em on my R1150RS.

    The interface with original was excellent. I had to adjust shifter and brake. Others have said they may drag on turns, not mine yet.

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