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Thread: have you switched r1100 to F twin?

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    Question have you switched r1100 to F twin?

    who's switched from an R1100RT or similar to an F twin? Whaddayathink?
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    Well, maybe not a switch in the manor you're seeking, but I used to have an R1100RS and now have an F800GS. I also have a K1200GT which is really taking the place of the RS. I did consider the F800ST to replace the RS, but opted for the GT instead mostly for the riding comfort. My wife rides an ST and is quite happy with it. I've ridden it a little also, but as its the lowered version with the low seat it's pretty small for me. I compared the regular ST to my RS and found it to be reasonably comparable in performance and riding position. That was largely why the GT was a better fit for me, I needed to get away from the forward lean to the bars due to a nagging shoulder injury. Though I enjoy the power the K-GT has, I would really have been just fine with what the 800 engine delivers. My GS is perfectly capable of maintaining highway speed generously superior to the posted limits even with the lowered gearing I've swapped it to. My wife on her ST can do just fine keeping up to me on my GT considering the weight advantage both her and the bike enjoy. She also can come close to my fuel range despite her much smaller capacity. She does have a set of barbacks on her ST to reduce the reach to the bars which for her was too far in the original configuration. The only other change to her bike is a Sargent seat as the BMW extra low seat proved to be just too unforgiving in the comfort department. She does find the Sargent low seat better for comfort, but with its extra height (same as the regular low BMW saddle) it's a bit of a stretch now for her to touch both feet to the ground. Now that she's familiar with the bike, that does not pose a big problem other than she can't get the traction needed to push it back into a parking spot while seated anymore.

    To sum up, the 800 twins are very good, very capable bikes as long as they style and ergos suit your needs.
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    added an F800GS to the stable to join the R1100S.

    very different bikes, but both work great for me. The GS is far better off-road, and the R11S is a bit more comfy and capable at longer distances and higher speeds.
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    Voni replaced her R1100S with an F800S but also kept her venerable R1100RS (and her K75).

    She likes them all.
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    Just added an 800GS to the stable. Still have the 1200RT. I agree with MCM - both radically different bikes. The 800 rides like a traditional dirt bike - much lighter and very nimble. I have to say I still prefer the ride and handling of the 1200 - probably because of the stability afforded by the telelever on the front forks. Personally I really like the no-dive feature. Conversely I have noticed how much easier the 800 is to handle off road over some 1200GSs I have ridden off road. So IMHO each bike has it's benefits - just depends on where you will spend most of your time....twisties or dirt! As far as road riding the 1200 both rt and gs has the 800 hands down. The stability around trucks and the torque in that engine eliminates a lot of the shifting you have to do on the 800.
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    I traded my R1200RT for a F650GS this June. Obviously, they are very different machines. I picked it up in Kansas City, rode to Colorado, then home to Massachusetts. It is not the ideal highway bike.
    I love it on the twisty back roads of New England. Its also great in our old cities. It will lane split on our narrow streets that are pretty beat up. Ive been on dirt roads that have made me cry on the RT. They were fun on the little GS.
    As I said to my friend Paul Targonski on the way back to Massachusetts, its not the ideal bike one or two weeks of the year. The other 50 or 51 weeks, Im having fun. I would do it again. Bikes just seem to get bigger and more complicated. Its good to take a step back.

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