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Thread: What to wear

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    What to wear

    I just signed up for my first dual sport ride. Looking for some advice on which boots, gloves and helmet folks like for this sort of event. I won't be setting any land speed records, just want to enjoy the ride and be protected from a reasonable mishap. It's about 100 miles and runs roads, fields and trails. Obviously weather here in WI could be a factor.

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    The standard gear will work fine.

    Helmet, gloves, armored jacket and pants, boots, eye protection.

    You may want to consider gloves with some extra knuckle protection.

    And speaking from experience, get yourself a pair of good adventure style boots. The heavier soles and extra ankle protection have made all the difference for me and saved me from serious injury more than once in the past few months.

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    Let me add to Tracy's wise words by stating the obvious- wear someting you've already got "broken in". You wouldn't set out on a long hike wearing brand new boots, and I would suggest that riding 100 miles over any terrain in brand new gear could lead to some form of discomfort.
    Enjoy yourself.
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