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Thread: krauser frame mounting parts, 77r100rs

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    krauser frame mounting parts, 77r100rs

    Below is a picture of my krauser mounting assembly. The top piece, the attaching point just behind the rear tail light, is badly rusted and I want to replace it. The fiche on A&S does not show this type of mounting system it only shows what I believe to be the more common system, which is similar, but has a bracket coming off the bottom and attaches to the frame, just behind the passenger foot peg, but no mounting piece like I need. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can locate such a part new or used? There is a complete assembly on ebay for $270, but I don't want to buy the whole thing. Also, the finish on the assembly seems to be a coating of some sort. Any suggestions about what this is and where replacement coating can be found would also be appreciated.
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    Trying to find another one of the parts will be challenging. I would look into brazing the rusted lugs on the top strap. Welding (tig) could be done, but cleaning up the rust then using a silver bearing bronze braze would work just as well. The repaired piece would then need to be primed and painted.

    Since the part can be removed from the remainder of the mounting assembly, it can be mailed off or readily carried to a shop for repair. I repaired a tail light bracket on my right Krauser mount using the Ultrafuse aluminum repair. I am still looking for another bracket - but expect one will need to be made. After panting it black, the repair is not obvious:
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    For my money I'd take it to the local welding shop and have them fix it, the run it over to the powder coat guys.

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    That mounting system (GPr's) is famous for breaking the rear frame section. Avoid using it. The best mounting system for these bags was made by Reynolds, now long out of business, but they still show up from time to time. My second choice would be BMW's or Hepco Becker. Haunt ebay and other used parts sources for one.

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