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Thread: Can not remove oil filter

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    it's the K&N

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    Sorry, I haven't seen that, but I have seen countless times cheap f--cks who reuse a twenty-cent drain plug seal over and over and wonder why it doesn't seal. Their solution, torque it some more till it stops dripping...and they wonder why it stripped.
    A BMW rider thats cheap??? Hmmmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgadley01 View Post
    A BMW rider thats cheap??? Hmmmm
    "The cheapest thing on a BMW is ...
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    Had a recent experience with my '11 Mustang GT oil drain bolt. I had the dealer do the 2nd oil/filter change about 6 months ago but this time I decided to do it. I had one H of a time getting the drain plug out. I laid into it with a half inch ratchet for all I was worth. After breaking loose I had to continue reefing on the wrench until the drain bolt was all the way out. The idiot had most likely used an impact air wrench set for wheel lugs when he installed the drain bolt which actually distorted the drain threads on the pan. This just pissed me off sooooo bad. I went down to the local Ford dealer and told them that if they can't be trusted to do a simple oil change then there is no good reason for me to ever buy local again and I will just shop elsewhere and take the best deal from whoever as local service isn't worth it. These vehicles be they cages or beemers cost a lot of bucks and high time these service folks wake up! My '04RT which i bought new has never been touched by a dealer shop in all 40K miles. Come to think of it neither has my pristine '94 R1100RSL with only 1.5K original miles.

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