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Thread: xxs helmet

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    xxs helmet

    My wife is in need of a new helmet. I bought a gmax modular. several months ago and she likes the idea of the flip up design. The problem is that we can t find one that fits. She needs an xx small or a youth large and we are not finding them.
    Obviously i am not a snob when it comes to brands since i bought the gmax. I ve been in healthcare for 30 years and seen organ donors who had on the finest and people walk away wearing a brain bucket. I insist on DOT but that s about it. LUCK OF THE DRAW seems to me to be the deciding factor on how you come out of an accident. I say this to keep from getting the "you need to buy brand x". Just want to know if anyone has shopped xxs modulars and may have ideas of where to look.
    Thanks for your help

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