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Thread: piston rings, nikasil

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    piston rings, nikasil

    I did try search, maybe I did it wrong.

    bike in question, my friend steves 86 R80 Rt with compression down in one cylinder by about 30 pounds. OIl squirted in brings it back up , not fully, but up.
    leak down confrims its in the rings. He jsut finished a 4k road trip and used more oil than he expected to. so when the winter hits we might do an upperend overhaul. Before the trip it was only down about 20-25. The bike now smokes a bit
    I say might because he is debating moving up to a k bike and is concerned that we will get into this one, and have to do heads, which can run 300+l
    so I am pricing out parts for him for him to decide what to do. so he might not put rings in. I told him, it would sell better if we did. even if all we did was hand lap the valves. in the years I have been helping him, we have seen no valve recession
    bike now has approx 70k
    engine 5+ years back ran witout oil, bike parked and sold.

    4 years back , pan dropped, cyls pulled and all inspected and put back togthere wiht just new gaskets and seals . ( By steve,his first major job, thas when we met)

    going on line to max etc, the rings alone would run about 85 a side.
    (160 for pair)
    rings from motobins would run 58 plus shipping for both sides

    years back I did my bike using Deves rings, approved for nikasil, but they run about 100 for both sides. since then I have heard negative about deves.

    so what is the recomended set to install, is motobins rings ok, is there another line/brand we can look into ?

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    so what is the recomended set to install, is motobins rings ok, is there another line/brand we can look into ?[/QUOTE]

    Motobins are fine, they are BMW Rings.
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    I went with the Motobins rings a few years ago with no problem, for my 1981 R100RT nikasil. Same MFG'R . Goetze I believe.

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    Talking Motobins

    ...over 100K on Motobins on "Igor"!!!!
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