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Thread: Hemmings Motor Oil

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    Hemmings Motor Oil

    Stumbled across this, Hemmings is selling vintage car motor oil (10-30, 20-50, 15-50) with high zinc levels for folks who want to spend about $9 a quart on their ride.
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    of course, you could spend about half of that (when it's on sale), and just get a good quality semi-synth in 20W50 or 10W40 wt (summer vs winter weights) that is SG rated, and motorcycle specific, and get the exact same benefit.
    well, actually, since the price is about half of what they're gouging, er charging, then it would be twice the benefit! but i'd wait for the sale- the price usually goes down to $4.99/qt
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    Valvoline makes a high zinc and full synthetic high zinc that more cost effective than that.
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