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Thread: 1993 K75S -- Extending the mirrors?

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    I went with the simple solution -- R1100GS mirrors. They installed easily but I had to get two "left" mirrors (and then rotate one mirror to create a "right" one). The right hand mirror on the R1100GS has a different base than the left one and it can't just be threaded through the right hand mirror hole on the K75S. Thanks for all the help, guys!
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    Hey Lee,

    Nice looking pair of bricks Do you recall what kind of aftermarket mirrors those are?

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    Old thread but hopefully still active in theory... Does anyone actually have a table/list of measurements of the various mirrors? Specifically comparing the OEM K75S mirrors vs. others? Trying to prep before purchase. I actually installed C bars on my K75S to address the mirrors and while better, my arms/elbows still get in the way.

    Note: Not sure if I'll stay with the C bars long term. I like the width but feels a bit high to me - I've got long arms; e.g. 36.5 sleeve.

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    I didn't do it to an S but on my K75RT I added handlebar mounted mirrors. They use the unused mirror mounts on the handlebars and use the same mirrors available for the unfaired K75 bikes.
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    This was my solution, 2 hex couplers from a hardware store.
    Donít know if the photo will turn out
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    Interesting. So you just raised the height of the stock mirrors? As opposed to trying to push them outward? And you can now see everything easily; e.g. neither your shoulders nor elbows block your view? I have OEM mirrors mounted to the brakes per the standard set-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GILLY View Post
    Pics of my K75S, which I sold, you can definitely see how much more the mirrors extend out, although it is the older "flatter" style of mirror head. Not sure which model but probably what the previous guy said, i know it was a similar year R bike.
    I can't get over how pretty that blue paint looks. That had to be a rare bike when new. Still is, I would imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post
    Which aftermarket mirrors are these? Lowering resolves the "body block" issue? My stock mirrors are definitely blocked by my shoulders, upper arms. I was thinking I had to keep going up and out with the mirrors; e.g. R80ST mirrors. However I like the idea of lower (and wider) if that solves the issue.

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    What I did was drill out the stock mirror holes slightly with a 11/32” drill. Then I tapped the holes with a 10x1.25 tap. I was then able to select from any of the HondaKawaZuki aftermarket mirrors. You can’t use the ones for Yamahas because they use left hand threads on one side. The BMW mirrors will still work in the modified holes.

    There are literally hundreds of inexpensive aftermarket mirrors out there that will work with this setup. The choice is up to you.

    The mirrors that I went with are Ken Sean Superbike AX mirrors ($10.99 ea. From Bike Bandit). Tanax Napoleon Cross Ax-10R and Ax-10L are almost identical mirrors.

    The vision is good, but if you want to see straight behind, you need to slightly tuck your elbow. I’ve been very happy with this setup for about 15 years now.


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