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    New Member need help selecting Comm. set

    Hi Everybody,
    Its been 25 years since I last owned a bike.I just bought a 2008 R 1200 RT. Picked it up in San Antonio and rode it home. My ride was just what I expected, comfortable and smooth.
    Can someone suggest a good set of radios for my helmets.
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    Congrats. I did the same thing and have a street bike for the first time in 25 years. I would also be interested in helmet comm. gear suggestions.

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    I wear a Nolan N104 with the N104 N-Comm setup in it. I have absolutely no complaints. Welcome!
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    Welcome to both JJ and DS!

    Great choice! Enjoy your new bikes!

    I'm no help on the radios tho. I've often been asked by my husband if I want them and always decline. If I need to communicate, I'll just pass him and pull over.

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    New member says thanks

    Thank you for the welcome message and input on your Nolan N104. I have already purchased the new Shoei Neotec helmet,which is wonderful. Looking for system to fit my helmets.

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    Welcome aboard.
    If you ever find yourself up San Antonio way look us up here at the SA club, We do weekly gahterings and would be happy to have you attend.
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