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Thread: Random wobble please help

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    Random wobble please help

    Hi I have a 1975 R90/6 and it is in great condition everything runs fine except for a random wobble that I experience. It comes and goes randomly at any speed and my handlebars start to wobble. It is pretty scary. I just cant seem to find the problem. Any help would be great thanks/

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    more info needed- what have you checked so far? any recent changes to associated systems (tires, wheels, frame bearings, etc.)? condition of tires, air pressure? accelerating,decelerating or steady throttle?
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    I have very steady acceleration.Iv checked the front fork for any play. The front tire could be replaced but nothing too serious. I did switch from the american bars to the euro bars recently. Iv heard people talk about the frame bearings being an issue.

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    Since you recently changed the handle bars, and the wobble has occurred since that change, it is likely the change is due to the shorter bars. I expect the worn front tire may contribute as well. More dampening can be added to the steering by increasing the pre-load on the steering head bearings.

    This is not that difficult provided you have taken the handle bars off and lubricated the bearings. If the the bearings have not been lubricated recently, that should be a priority and will probably fix the wobble. Good luck!

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    Thanks I am recently new to all this and please excuse my ignorance but what are these bearings and where are they located.

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    Under handlebars;

    Big NUT, right under the bars is the item to begin disassembly. First; The bars should fall over side to side with little effort. NOT just slap fall, but with a tiny degree of friction fall over to frame stop. ! This make sense? The steering head bearings are a likely culprit, but many items on the bike will/can be suspect. An old front tire is defintely a replace item, fork oil drain/replace and fork springs too can go in the trash. They are reletavely cheap, under a 100 bucks for both, total. The steering head bearings( clean up anmd regrease, MAYBE replace'em if needed) would be my 2nd looksee, as its fairly simple(cleaning and regrease), but some guidance would be nice for a first timer. My 3rd item is swingarm bearings adjust. Another easy task for those been there. IF you have some mechanical skills, the bike can become an easy learner fro ya. They are NOT complicated bikes. That was a PLUS for the older Airheads. NOW, go buy a "Clymer Manual" or otherwise at most book stores on your bike. A great idea for ya. These books WILL get you through most items of most difficulty to easy. We are here too. Airheads are still all about NAmerica in large numbers. Randy PS; LAST not least, Check ALL your spokes for tidyness/tightness. A DULL thud with a screwdriver indicates a LOOSE spoke. Make 'em all sound alike to the screwdriver.

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