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Thread: The Elkhorn Road Through South Park

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    The Elkhorn Road Through South Park

    Enjoyed a dirt road explore and excursion through South Park, Colorado the other day. Big sky is abounding. Autumn colors are sprouting. If ever in the Colorado 9/U.S. 285/U.S 24 area this road will, with seclusion, take you generally the same direction for a spell. Here's the map...

    Two pics from the ride. Note the peak in the distance with a frosting of snow. This is from a coolish day of moisture about a week ago...

    That's 13,833ft. Mt. Silverheels on the left. Sweet riding here. You know, except for the road and some scattered posts, not a whole lot has changed from what the Utes would see here from their ponies.

    Oh, do have two short ride vids through this landscape. The Elkhorn Road...

    And wandering towards the Elkhorn Road via Redhill Road...

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    Beautiful, makes me want a GS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terham View Post
    Beautiful, makes me want a GS.
    do it!


    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    Enjoyed a dirt road explore and excursion through South Park, Colorado the other day. Big sky is abounding.

    Where's Cartman?

    Nice report and photos, Steve!

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    Great stuff, Steve. Thanks for the videos.

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    Ahhh, it was a good ride. Have passed the two high park dirt roads numerous times, but never set aside time to explore them. It was one of those "what took me so long" moments! Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Looks like a great ride . I am leading a GS ride for our club in a couple of weeks . This looks like a good way to get back .
    I am enjoying your book .
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    Hey John, Thanks. FWIW, a more engaging option on your return could be the nearby Turner Gulch. Can take a look at it here...

    Just mentioning it fwiw.

    Good riding, Steve

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    Elkhorn Road

    If the road is like that I have been on rougher roads with my K1100LT. That looks like a smooth road.

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