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BTW everybody, I have a bead rider seat cover and a "Freedon Air" air cushion seat cover (with a V in the front) dual bladders etc. Both are ok but I'm looking for more. I don't mind the extra $$ for custom seats. In my way of thinking, the beaded seat cover or the air cushion are only going to be as good as the seat they're mounted on and the stock RT seat is a piece of $hit as far as I'm concerned.

I NEVER wear cotton undergarmets and have plenty of anti monkey butt powder.

I've been searching around on the custom seat makers sites and I'm surprised that none have OEM plug ups for the heated seat feature . For $500-700 bucks, I expect more. They all seem to have their own version of heated seat options but not the plug and go from the handlebar switch... kind of a kick in the crotch if you ask me.
When you have Russell build you a seat, you send them your original seat and they build it off of yours. If your original BMW seats were heated, they use the original elements, plugs, etc.

By the way, I have the seat from my 2011 R1200RT currently at Russell getting built.