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Thread: Back from a big trip...

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    Back from a big trip...

    So,,,, i didn't want to say anything in the ride report area, because I have already done all the work on another forum...

    I just got back from a 10 day trip, that was "Off The Beaten Path".... with a bunch of dirt in Colorado and Utah...

    What incredible beautiful states... so jealous...

    Anyway... you can see a ride report on Adventure Rider here...

    Ride Report

    I really want to go again... and this time I will have my suspension set up right...

    There is so much to getting off of the beaten path and hitting these back road areas... so many incredible views that most people will never see.

    Long live the GS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only i could get paid for traveling...
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    Oklahoma Adventure Trail

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    Or just build a business that pays residual income, and travel all you want. Four to five years to be totally free!
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    Very NICE;

    So glad you had the time of your life, as its indeed another world out there exploring on two wheels. I ENJOYED reading your story and pics. I too have been to all the above in all my years offroading, mostly on my GS/GSAs. 800,1100 and latest 1200 I have now. Its been quite a few years since I've seen some of this Colorado(your pics), but still go there nearly every year offroad too. Colorado seems endless in adventure. Maybe we meet someday, Randy"Polarbear"GSA1200.

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    Great report - nice job with great pics. You really hit some great high points and earned the bragging rights to some great views at unbelievable elevations.
    Ken Dittrick
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