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    K11 vs K12

    Is there much mpg difference between a K12RS and a K11RS? We're talking interstate speeds.

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    '96 K11RS. 45 - 47 mpg depending on quality of gas and wind direction. YMMV.

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    2003 K1200RS with a large Parabellum windshield, side bags and Givi V46 tail bag.

    I was getting 42-46 mpg at interstate speeds (70-80 mph) with ECU 166 install.

    Installed a ECU 296 and my mileage has improved to 46-50 mpg at interstate speeds.

    This is at 5000' and higher. I feel I get better mileage but less power at these elevations then when I do drop down to lower elevations.

    ECU 296 was the last version used by BMW and the 166 version has a cold hesitation issue among other minor updates.
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    K11 vs K12

    Don't know if there is still any interest in this thread, given it's date, but I'll weigh in anyway.
    I love K11s, especially the K11RSs. Owned probably 5 of them, along with a K100RS. I think they represent a great era of fast, "modern" bikes that perform to this day with no excuses (unlike airheads). And their technology for the most part is not so advanced as to make them garage-unfriendly.
    I now ride a 2003 K12RS. I love the smoothness, and I suppose I use the added power, though the K11s never felt lacking to me.
    The K12 definitely used more fuel. My K11s used to return 45 MPG on average, and I could hit rarely hit 50 if I kept to the speed limits and found non-ethanol fuel. The K12 will not get to 40 MPG, averaging around 38. Now that engine smoothness may have me cruising faster, but I refuse to believe guys are getting upper 40's from a K12RS, unless they REALLY ride slowly. I don't do jackrabbit starts, I rarely use the top half of the RPM band (shift at ~5000rpm), pride myself on my smoothness, but I do run with the faster cars on the freeway; typically running 75-80 MPH.
    The K12 handles the engine heat better. K11s toss it right on your legs, and the tank gets hot.
    My big complaints about the K12 is that because of the higher fuel consumption, it doesn't have very good range. At less than 40 MPG, you are going to be forced to stop for gas before 200 miles, given the 5.2 gallon tank. BMW really should have increased capacity.
    The other problem is the oft-mentioned left-side hardbag. The upswept pipe makes that bag half the size it should be, and precludes its holding a helmet, or much else for that matter.
    So the K1200RS excells at eating up state lines with its smoothness and power, except you have to stop more often and can't carry as much. Add in their simplicity and the K11s look real appealing.

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    Interesting read about the K12RS getting routinely below 40 mpg. If I was experiencing that, I would feel I have issues to address. I also ride smooth, but aggressively. With over 128,000 on this bike, the only times I have gotten less than 40 were either at the track (32 mpg) or pretending I was at the track and shoulda been arrested. On long freeway jaunts with very steady speed of 70 mph, I have attained 47 mpg. I routinely get 42-44 on the 1200RS with a Rhinewest Cam gear and chip set. I get the same mileage on my K1300S doing the same weekly commute from Mendocino to Sacramento, mostly twisty fun riding with about 20 miles of freeway out of 185 miles. I routinely got the same mileage when I commuted from Fiddletown to Sac and back daily on the 1200RS. On my K1100RS, I routinely got 43-45 for that ride over a 2 year period before trading it for the K1200RS and like the previous poster, I could hit 50 if cautious - once hit 57 but always wondered if that was a math error. I rarely ride the K12RS anymore, but when I do I get the same 42-44 mpg, any variation dependent solely on my wrist.
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    K12 vs K11

    Interesting data points, Richard. Thanks for posting.
    You do realize that most BMW speedos are rather optomisitic? GPS tells me that at an indicated 70MPH I'm really doing 66. Our K12 mileage differences might just come down to the fact that I rarely run that slowly. Interstates around here move at about 75 MPH in the passing lane, and I typically run just over the high end of that; an indicated 80 MPH +.
    I would be tempted to look for a mileage solution were it not for the fact that other K12RS owners I've spoken with report the same sort of numbers.
    If you can get 40+ out of your yours, I'm jealous, but still not willing to slow down that much.

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