As some of you know I bought a Yellow 1989 R100RT sight in seen. After replacing just about every seal on the engine and transmission it is now oil tight.
Only problem that I am now faced with is every so often the left Bing carburetor starts to p*#s out fuel. Talked to a mechanic who has been around since JC came to earth and the first question he asked, what was the condition of the fuel tank internally. My response was it appeared that someone tried to coat the internals with POR-15 fuel tank sealer and botched it very badly. The mechanic explained that very fine particles are getting past the in line fuel filters and are either clogging or hanging up on the float needle, thus causing the fuel to overflow. I know I will have to take apart the carbs and ultra sonically clean and rebuild them for a winter project.
Now back to the fuel tank. In your collective minds, how can I strip the POR-15 from the internals of the tank. I placed a flat bladed screw driver down the side and it seems to be able to scrape away very easily, which surprised me. My question is what would work to flush out the tank and reapply the POR-15. I have done a number of tanks with no issues, but I think the PO didn't take the proper time in the preparation, as I know it will take 2 - 3 days to complete the job.
Does anyone have any thoughts?