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Thread: 87 R80RT "petcocks"

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    87 R80RT "petcocks"

    Can anyone tell me what would be wrong with both of my petcocks, when moving from one position to another, you usually get a "detent"/"click", mine do not? Fuel shuts down as normal, and goes to reserve, just doesn't detent/click. Are they difficult to rebuild?



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    Not that difficult but

    That might not fix them. You might be able to clean things up a little and get a little click back but more than likely the pot metal has worn away or the spring washer has lost some of its spring and for what it might cost to replace that stuff you might be better off getting new. I don't even think you can get anything but the rubber washer to rebuild them.

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    My petcocks stopped clicking years ago...I can see when they're parallel or 90 degrees...I don't worry about it. I suspect rebuilding them might return the feeling. IIRC parts for the Karcoma's are generally available.
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    I have brand new ones and than do not click at all,

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    There is a ball detent and a wave washer type spring for it sandwiched in the stack of parts inside. If the ring nut that holds it all in place is too tight , you can barely turn the selector. If it is too loose, you don't get the click, but the function is not affected.

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    Petcocks are really simple (and cheap) to rebuild. Good winter project to take the tank off, take the petcocks off, wash out the inside of the tank to get rid of any "stuff" that might have collected.

    With the petcocks out, you can check that both your "regular" and "reserve" tubes are still in place.

    The petcocks come apart easy and really benefit from (in the case of the ones on my bike) a new o-ring and rubber disc. But maybe the most improvement is to put a little silicone grease on the rubber for reassembly. Makes them operate really smooth.

    When you have them apart, you will see that the "click" comes (as described above) from two metal washers, one with two little nubs and another with two little holes. When the nubs line up with the holes, as they say, you get the click. Yours might be misaligned. Or, over time, without lubrication, the nubs wear down, and there is less click feel.

    New fuel line and in line filters on reassembly and your fuel delivery system is set for awhile.


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