I'm trying to help my wife's aunt buy cheaper car insurance. She is 82 yrs old,single, never had a ticket nor an accident & decent health for age. She drives to church on Sunday, grocery once per week & occasionally out to eat maybe 2 times per week. Call it 8 miles per trip X 3 times per week max for total of 50 mile weekly average & NEVER when icy!
If you saw her you would guess she was 15 years younger! During a short nursing home stay last year due only because of a knee rehab & her house being 2 story,etc., she was constantly asked if she worked there.
She drives a 2001 Olds and currently has liability only through AARP/Hartford @ $1662 per year. Her homeowners is through KY Farm Bureau Ins & there policy was way higher than current one. As she is a non web person I'm beginning to look for her as a way to save. I did ask her why she pays $249 yrly for a medical benefit on that policy that also includes work loss-seems to me that with Medicare & retired for many years thats not logical but only part of the money picture.
I'm used to shopping for bike insurance but mine is all long term with KY Farm Bureau for cars,house,farm. She's paying far more than me @ 68 yrs old & ours is 2 drivers,full coverage on late model cars & lots more mileage-ours are ~$500yrly for each car & truck, bike is less than $150 yrly and we live 72 k from her.
Any ideas to get her cost down?