I am purchasing an airhead after 25 years away from my well loved R60/6. Of course, if money were no object I would just get both and older and newer model!

Hoping the community would offer it's $0.02 on experience with electrical on your '78 versus your mid '80s R80.

From '81 forward BMW introduced a lighter clutch carrier, lighter nikasil cylinders and an electronic ignition. They also introduced cast wheels.

I am wondering if an older machine like a '78 with an updated electronic ignition and an Enduralast charging system becomes as reliable as a mid 80s machine?

My main reason for asking is that i spend a lot of time urban driving where the recharging is an issue and where the lighter clutch is also and issue.

I am practically allergic to cast wheels, so favor the earlier models but have heard that the mono-shock is a noticeable improvement. Not an aggressive driver though so may not matter much. R80ST are very hard to come by at a good price.

Let me know your thoughts!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful riding weather.