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    Favorite Books

    in some sembelence of order
    Once and Future King - T H White (who co authored the writers bible "Elements of Style" with Strunk) is a beautiful, supurbly written, easy to read story about King Arthur
    Grapes of Wrath - John Stienbeck: Pulitzer prize and national book award winner. Brilliant character development and story telling about a family during the depression. The tragic and uplifting story of those wackey Joads.
    Sometimes A Great Notion - Ken Keasy: colorful, descriptive story about the Pacific Northwest and the logging culture and people - sorta a challenging read.
    Pissing in the Snow - Vance Randolf - a collection of humorous, sex related Ozark folk tales in authentic colorful language. Great at a camp site
    Spartina - John Casey: Great book about a modern day fisherman. it sorta defies adequate description.
    Grendel - John Gardener: The story of the mythic monster through the monster's eyes & dark philosophy.
    Paris Trout - Pete Dexter: Evil meets violence in the deep south and messes up peoples lives - gripping well told story
    Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy - funny, clever romp of science fiction
    Something Wicked this Way Comes - Ray Bradbury paints tension and suspense into a vividly descriptive novela.
    Maus - Art Spiegeleman's graphic novel defines the concept of adult comic books. Tells the story of the holocaust. Surprisingly powerful
    Oh Yea; Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert Pirsig wrote this intellectual tour de force that follows his inquiry into the meaning of life while on a motorcycle tour. a heavy read.
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