There is an R-26 for sale fairly close to me.......It is a '57, an looks pretty nice. My question, about as general as you can get, is forty two hundred dollars a fair starting price for this scooter?
I sold my airhead GS a while ago, and was looking foe a /5, but for as much riding as I have been doing the R-26 looks like a good fit for me. What I'm trying to say is that I am not a long distance rider and I'm not sure how much riding I will do, but I still get juiced when I see old Beemers ( grew up with R-69'S in the garage ). I came across this R-26 yesterday, hope it's still available, and thought it was the coolest scooter I've seen in a while.
Oh yea, back to the thread, I'm not familiar with the pre-70's and am curious if the asking price is fair or not. I know the question is vague but I'm hoping that you folks can help me out!

Thanks for your time
Will Vetter