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Thread: R90/6 76 - smoke signals

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    R90/6 76 - smoke signals

    Had a bit of time on my hands so I replaced the second, less bad side, push rod seals. Nice. No more oil on the sides and bottom of the pan.

    While I was at it noticed the left cylinder spark plug was black. Not the case on the right plug. Black is too rich - or so I think. After putting everything back, adjusting the valves a few times to get them "singing to me" and it was running nicely. So I pulled out my home made carb vacum sensor and worked on the balance, particularly in terms of rich/lean.

    With the carbs sucking equally, I dropped the left side down until it "bogged" then back it off a bit. Not too rich, not too lean. But I just noticed it's still smoking!

    Question. Other causes for smoking? could it possibly be rings or something.

    76 R90/6 40,000 miles only. Doesn't burn oil. Usually sits on the center stand.

    thanks guys.
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