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Thread: Starting problem r90/6, all my fault?

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    Starting problem r90/6, all my fault?

    After timing my '76 R90/6 using the light bulb to alligator clip method my bike won't start. Before I even finished timing the bike, the lightbulb method stopped working no power to the bulb. In fact the Oil pressure, Brake failure and Neutral light won't light up at all. The turn signal light works fine but the starter wont turn over at all. Head light comes on and all signals work. I'm afraid I either shorted out my condenser or starter relay I would appreciate any suggestions. Wires seem to be in good condition as I have checked all I could get to with a multimeter. Thank you for this awesome forum.

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    You did disconnect the battery before removing the front cover... yes?

    Here's a /6 wiring diagram, it's huge... use "control" and + or - to enlarge/reduce the image.
    The ignition points as well as the Oil pressure, Brake failure and Neutral light all receive power from the "combination instrument" (see the diagram) and the turn signals are on different fuse, so there is reason to suspect a fuse.
    Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it is the fuse... could be the wire to the fuse, for example.

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    I did not disconnect the battery first, prob a bad decision? Ive done it before without a problem. I'll check the junction and the fuze wire.

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