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Thread: Looking for an OEM '74 R60/6 seat...

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    Looking for an OEM '74 R60/6 seat...

    Sorry for the newbie post, but I searched the forums and haven't found and classifieds section here - does anyone have any idea regarding finding an EOEM seat for my new 74 R60/6? What years / models use the same seats? I'm wanting to do a ground up restoration on this one, want the correct seat for it (currently has a Corbin).

    Any help appreciated!

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    Max list it for $541.33
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacko View Post
    Max list it for $541.33
    Wow, I had totally forgotten about that site - thank you!

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    I searched the forums and haven't found and classifieds section here
    Look at the banner at the top of this page... Flea Market

    eBay is a good source - there are 93 listing under BMW R60 seat today (Thurs. 12 Sept). >

    Internet BMW Riders Marketplace is another >

    Caveat Emptor always applies.

    The '74 R60 is a Long Wheel Base machine, any post-1973 seat should fit.


    Here's a seat on eBay... buy it now for $95... >

    of course it's not in excellent condition, but new "correct" covers are available from folks like Sargents, and the aluminum trim strips and the "T" screws that hold them down are still available too.

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    Thank you - you guys rule. I've already learned a ton, don't know how I missed the Flea Market...

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    also might want to check out the flea market in the airheads section on advrider. also tons of threads there on what seats fit in what years etc etc.

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