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Thread: Spiegler Clutch Line, '00 R1150GS

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    Spiegler Clutch Line, '00 R1150GS

    I bought a Spiegler clutch line and they sell you for big $$ only the line from the master cylinder to slave cylinder - they do not include the "vent line" from the slave cylinder to the bleed point.

    It seems to me that this "vent line" gets plenty of stress (same pressure plus flexing as suspension moves) plus it is in a worse environment.

    I'm wondering what others' thoughts are on this - I obviously don't think much of this deal.

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    I think I seen an ad for this vent line from them within the past few months but i cant find it now. Contact them.

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    I would not worry about as this line is already the steel type not the ****ty rubber type on the brakes.
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