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Thread: Charleston Flooding?

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    Question Charleston Flooding?

    Hello All,

    I turned on the late news last night and came in on the middle of a story. I thought they were talking about Charleston (WV), and they were talking about major flooding in the area.

    I hope I heard incorrectly. Can anyone help out with the "Official" story?


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    Here's a link to a site that has some photos and video of the the current situation. It appears from the web site that it was primarily flash flooding.
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    Unhappy Charleston flood

    The national news this morning showed the flloding in and around Charleston to be severe. The river came up very fast and trapped people in homes and places of work. The "quiet camping" location is - I believe- located on an island in the river. is there any danger of being trapped on the island or even flooded out at this site? I don't mind a bit of rain but this is a bit much!

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    Charleston Flooding

    The rain in the last week has been extremely heavy and there has been some flooding in Charleston. When you have lots of rain and steep mountansides with narrow valleys you get flooding. According to Gov Bob Wise, the flooding is the worst in over 40 years. None of the facilities or venues for the Rally were affected. It will dry out by July 10-13.

    If you are worried about possible flooding, you can always camp at the hilltop camping location, Northgate Business Park complex. If the water rises to that level, only Noah is going to be able to help you.
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