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Hmmm.... so when I lose balance the bike falls on me ? That seems a bit dumb to stand under a 600 pound bike wanting to take a nap, when one loses balance !

In legal terminology that is known as "Assumption of Risk"

I think I will continue to mount up and roll the bike forward off the center stand.
If my GSA is ever on the centerstand, I put the sidestand down before I roll it off, in gear with clutch pulled...if it gets wonky, I let out the clutch and rest it on the sidestand...EZ-PZY

And be careful...the small bolts on the centerstand will break if you roll off enough times...seen about 6 bikes since my 05RT broke one and I quit doing that.I only weigh 190 and ride one up.
One set I replaced, the rider weighs maybe 150 and never rides off the stand...still broke. Your luck may be better...but they are a weak link and posted about here before. I think it was Greenwald who drug his down the road? The 1100's were a lot stouter and seemed to last a long time of rideoffs. In my old business it was called "Risk Assesment"