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Thread: Helmet Thoughts for New Rider

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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    What exactly is the purpose of a "backup helmet" ? I only have one you know what...
    My backup helmet is for when my primary is soaked to the shell from riding in the rain. Few things suck as much as pulling on a wet helmet on a cold morning ride

    Oh... my backup helmet s exactly the same as my primary... just 2 years newer.

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    New rider

    I think a Shark Evoline is a good choice for a first helmet. It can be a good full face, or a open face helmet and not catch the air of most modulars.
    I fine it is great in heat in town, and you have a visor built in.

    Go to a good dealer and try on helmets, do not take anyone's advise if the helmet does not fit you head. And register for training, and read all you can about riding.
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    Helmet - Full face, go to a gear dealer and find the one that fits you best and is comfortable. That's the one you should buy.

    Jacket - Decent armor and venting, you don't have to spend a fortune, especially for your first one. Again, if you've got a gear dealer close, go in and try one a few different models until you find the one you like.

    Gloves - Something relatively thin for starters, so you get used the feel of riding with gloves on. Something with padding on the knuckles is nice. Again, for starters, you don't have to spend a fortune.

    Shoes - Over the ankle boots of some type. Honestly, I don't know that I'd recommend full-on riding boots for a beginner. But this is just IMHO.

    Riding pants - Maybe, not sure about a new rider. Heavy jeans, or work pants with double knees are nice.

    To get decent online gear and prices, I'd recommend, formerly known as

    Training? Read the Proficient Motorcycling books and take a class. Even the local MSF class is better than NO class.
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    The best gear is whatever fits him properly, is comfortable, and the stuff he won't mind wearing. $200 worth of gear on your body is better than $2000 worth of gear in your closet.

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    A question. Nolan helmets was talked about , but which model? I'm on my 2nd nolan now.

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