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Thread: wiring harness of Nav IV on 2012 GSA install?

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    Question wiring harness of Nav IV on 2012 GSA install?

    I installed the Garmin Nav IV gps on my new GSA and except for a few dropped nuts that were difficult to find it went ok.
    The wiring harness for the gps has 2 pigtails on it.
    One plugs into the accessory plug to power the unit.
    What is the other plug for?
    Should I do anything to protect the plug until I need it for whatever it is used for at a later date?

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    Audio out -- not used on the GS -- yet (I expect an audio system to be available on the wethead GS).

    Used on at least the R12RT and K16's to pipe audio to the OE radio/communications system if you so desire.
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    You can plug in headset as I do, or use BT audio.
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    Audio plug - thanks for your help

    Thanks for your help.

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