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Thread: Short boots

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    Short boots

    I am looking for a pair of riding-appropriate boots that are comfortable, waterproof (or at least resistant), and not too tall. I have a pair of BMW riding boots but they are a foot tall and I only wear them when it's really cold out. Right now I wear a good pair of hiking boots, but I'd like something taller than a typical hiking boot but lower than a standard riding boot. Comfort while walking, standing, and hiking is very important to me. I've done the usual search here but I have been unable to find a discussion on low boots. What are other low boot riders wearing?
    Ottawa, Canada

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    I have a pair of Red Wing pull ons #866, they are 9" high with a flat bottom. Great for riding and walking all day.
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    Take a look here:
    More choices than you'll know what to do with. I own both
    Joe Rocket (heavy, but comfortable and good protection)
    and TCX (lighter weight, good for walking) low-rise boots.
    Like them both. There's so much more great gear now
    than there was twenty years ago it's mind-boggling.
    Good luck with your search.
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    Reviews here. See section on short motorcycle boots:

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    I wear regular Timberland Work Boots and love them. You could try the 8" version if the 6 feels too short.

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    Retired military, so combat boots work for me. Shorter than MC boots, taller than work boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinRT View Post
    What are other low boot riders wearing?
    Quality name-brand hiking boots.

    Asolos are all I've been wearing for all of my multi-week tours for over fifteen years. They are waterproof, comfortable and tough.

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    Thanks for the links, everyone. I've been wearing short boots (hikers) for decades now. Guess that makes me a trend setter.
    Ottawa, Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinRT View Post
    Thanks for the links, everyone. I've been wearing short boots (hikers) for decades now. Guess that makes me a trend setter.
    I don't like laces on bike boots. I've got a pair of Chippewa short engineer boots... made in.... North America too!

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    I've owned CRUISER WORKS touring boots since 2003, they are made for motorcyclists,light weight,waterproof,and comfortable. Mine are the 10" pull on wellington style boot. They can also be resoled unlike many others.

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    Earlier this summer on our wanderings, parts of my Tourmaster Solution boots started coming loose. On-the-road boot shopping, with no shipping address is tricky. Unless you pay full retail at a bike shop or stumble on a sale. So I happened to be in a Walmart store picking up a prescription and wandered back to the shoe department. I bought a pair of Herman Survivors brand Commando (model) boots. Waterproof membrane lined, 9 or so inches tall. The price was less than $50.

    Don't let the front laces fool you. They also have a side zipper. So adjust the laces for your foot once and use the zipper from then on.

    I like them.
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    I just want to add this thought about laces. A slip-on boot stands a much greater chance of slipping off in a crash than a lace-up boot. There are other choices than those two but I would make sure the boot you buy will stay securely on your foot on a bad day.
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    Speaking of laces...a little rant...I recently bought a pair of Alpinestar boots...actually I guess they're technically riding shoes, they come up just over my ankle. They fit well & I like them but the laces are way too long, I mean a couple feet too long. Why do they put such long laces on them? I've had the same problem with athletic shoes. Kind of dangerous on riding gear. I tuck the bows and lace ends into the shoes to keep them from flailing around or getting caught in something but that's kind of uncomfortable. I suppose I could cut off the extra, and I probably will, but then I gotta do something to keep them from fraying. PITA...

    Maybe the little things they put on baby shoe laces would work. I can see my Harley riding neighbor snickering. He already thinks I'm kinda weird (and he's probably right).

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    I like Doc Marten's... they're pretty comfortable on and off the bike. They have a wide range of height options, to boot... (haha, couldn't help it...)!
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    I did not want a high lace-up boot because they are too uncomfortable to walk around in. Don't have enough room to carry a second pair of boots with me. I ended up purchasing, almost two years ago, a pair of 10" Gaerne boots (actually a cross between a boot and shoe). They zip up (on the inseam side), are waterproof, have protective padding in the appropriate places, have rubber protection at appropriate wear points, have reflective areas to the back and outsides, are flexible for comfortable walking and are nice enough looking (with pants over), to wear in a nice restaurant. A bit pricey, however I can wear them all day, walking and riding and my feet feel great at the end of the day. Have over 8K miles on them and they still look new.

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