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Thread: Re-waterproof First Gear jkts

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    Question Re-waterproof First Gear jkts

    Looking for some help and "search" didn't help on my specifics.

    I'm a First Gear jacket fan and have a couple with a few years on them. They have lost the waterproofing on shoulders and front. I have used my old supply of Camp-Kote spray and don't have a source. I also like Nikwax for road and camp gear DWR treatments, but the Nikwax "hot tumble" reqmnt is a no-no on First Gear taped membrane seams.

    What are some alternatives to recondition my jackets? Sources appreciated. Grateful for any help on this.
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    I had good luck getting information from NIKWAX at 800-563-3057. Also, most Firstgear garments have a phone number label in them as I recall.
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    Kiwi Protector products

    Kiwi also makes a full line of fabric protector products.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sailorlite View Post
    Also, most Firstgear garments have a phone number label in them as I recall.
    Thought your idea was worth a try. The 800 number in my rain jkt got me a phone sex recording. Ha!
    The number in my Kilmanjaro went to an answer mach so I'll try that again.
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    Camp dry available at walmart, 7.99, or safeway for a bit more. Damp and desperation yields much help! But I wouldn't know too much
    about that......
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    Thx guys for the Kiwi Camp Dry referals. Going to stop at W Mart and see how Kiwi works.
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    I wonder if along with the waterproofing that the efficiency of the safety pads may have decreased over your "few" years of use. It might be good to replace them as well. maybe throwing in the towel and getting a new jacket might be a good idea before other problems of age rear their ugly heads.

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    I've had great luck with this stuff:

    Tectron Spray!!

    I've used it for over 10 years on everything from gloves to boots to jackets to backpacks to messenger bags to my laptop bag.

    It does work better when you can run the stuff through the dryer after, but I have had success without doing that with some items as well.

    Meaning some items I haven't run through the dryer, not some items I haven't had success with. I've been happy with everything I've coated with that stuff.
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    Nikwax also has available a spray on product called TX.Direct that works by just washing the garment, leave wet from spin cycle, then spray on and hang dry.

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    I blasted a pair of boots and some FG over pants with the Kiwi stuff today. Used the nikwax cleaner and waterproofer on the pants a month ago and it wasn't heavy duty enough for the lower legs in a half day of heavy rain.

    The Tourmaster jacket needs help too, but the easiest fix for that is raingear.
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