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    Boot Care

    I own and ride in a pair of BMW "Allround" boots. Haven't done anything to them, except wear them. But they're getting a bit soiled, shall we say...

    What, if anything, do you riders do to treat your boots? Thanks.

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    I use Langlitz leather dressing. Langlitz is a family business that's been around a long time: Their leather dressing works really well to waterproof and keep the leather supple. I've been using it on boots and jackets since the mid-90's. One tub will last you awhile (I bought three some time back- on sale- this is likely a lifetime supply!).
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    I use Kee-Wee wax on mine a few times a year (in black of course..) Keeps them looking quite nice, and the outside surface isn't the primary waterproofing on these boots, the Goretex liner is.
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    I use shoe polish and then after that Saddle soap. Saddle soap cleans the leather, weather proofs and softens the leather. It is for all types of leather applications, such as boots, horse saddles, jackets, hats, etc.....
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    Kiwi Paste products

    Nothing short of fabulous!
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    I use Obenouf's. I have used it on my wildland fire boots for years. I use an old toothbrush to apply. If it's applied a little too thick use a hair dryer to soak it in. Don't get the leather too warm, or you'll risk damage. I have used the Langlitz product on jackets, chaps, etc. It works well. It is however, (I believe) silicone based. I like the beeswax base for my boots. It's thicker and tends to 'clog' the pores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerkuh View Post
    I use shoe polish and then after that Saddle soap. Saddle soap cleans the leather, weather proofs and softens the leather. It is for all types of leather applications, such as boots, horse saddles, jackets, hats, etc.....
    +1 Saddle soap works great and leaves leather soft and clean. I use it for anything leather.

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    +1 for Sno-Seal. On warm boots (out of the oven), the wax penetrates easily. Especially important for seams.

    Shoe polish will dry the leather, and make the seams wear and break.

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    Boot Care

    I like Pecard Oil. Sno-Seal is good to, but I don't like how it leaves things a little sticky, and attracts dust from the type of roads I'm usually on.

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    Gore-Tex breathing

    I have wondered if the idea of Gore-Tex is to let the product breathe why coat the outside of the boot. ?

    If you put waterpoofing on top of the leather you might as well have a plastic liner that waterproof but does not allow beathing.

    Thoughts ?

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    That's true, but you don't want the leather to become saturated with water. It's a long process to dry it out completely, your feet will be cold, the boots heavy, and having water-logged leather against the GoreTex keeps it from breathing. Plus you will squish when you walk - embarrassing! Products that plug-up the leather's pores aren't good either. That's why products like saddle soap and leather conditioners work to repel water (not waterproof it) and protect the leather but retain its breathability.

    Aerostich has an explanation of why DWR (durable water repellent) is important on the outside of a GoreTex textile jacket. Same principle, I believe.


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    According to the makers of SNO-SEAL
    It does not inhibit the breathability of the leather

    It works for me

    ‘«ůEnjoy dry feet all day!
    ‘«ůPrevents water from penetrating leather.
    ‘«ůLubricates and conditions leather without softening.
    ‘«ůPreserves and lengthens the life of leather.
    ‘«ůDoes not interfere with the natural breathability of leather.
    ‘«ůExtremely resistant to salt stains and spotting.
    ‘«ůDoes not soften heel counters or box toes.
    ‘«ůWill not damage seams or welts.
    ‘«ůMaintains flexibility in freezing temperatures.
    ‘«ůWill not crack during continual flexing of leather
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